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Casting repair products are eveloped and manufactured by LOCK-N-STITCH Inc.,the world leader in casting repair metal stitching technology. We use the latest state-of-the-art CNC machining and grinding equipment. We even manufacture our own special patented taps.
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L15 & L20 Locks

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L15 Locks

L15 Locks

This lock transfers the grip on the cast iron farther away from the crack than does the L15/5 lock. Use in repairing castings ranging in thickness from 1/4" to 1/2". The most frequent applications for the L15 lock are repairing cracks in automotive, construction, farming, and trucking castings. Remember to stack the locks to a depth of approximately 80% of the casting thickness.
L20 Locks

L20 Locks

The L20 lock offers a considerable amount of strength for its size. Drilling the hole pattern is fast and easy. Because of its short length, it is very easy to locate installation sites on the casting. While it is often placed in larger castings in the automotive industry, it has many applications in industrial use. Use this lock in castings with a wall thickness of 0.375" to 0.750".

 Lock Kit for L15 Locks 

Lock Kits (L15K)
L15 Lock Kit

 Lock Kit for L20 Locks 

Lock Kits (L20K)
L20 Lock Kit