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Casting repair products are eveloped and manufactured by LOCK-N-STITCH Inc.,the world leader in casting repair metal stitching technology. We use the latest state-of-the-art CNC machining and grinding equipment. We even manufacture our own special patented taps.
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Cutting Fluid

Sealants that transfer heat!

These sealants are valuable tools to have in your shop. They cure quickly to save you time between the repair and pressure-testing. And our sealants conduct heat, eliminating the complications of uneven heat transfer.

LHC724 works well with cast iron, steel, brass and stainless steel. LHC724 has a very low viscosity which lets the fluid flow into small pores and voids with vigorous capillary action. This provides extra insurance that your repair will pass pressure-testing the first time. Permanent dependable repairs are possible!

LHC623 is formulated to be used with aluminum, the installation of seats and guides in aluminum heads, and during the installation of locks in any ...