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Casting Repair Products > Crack Repair Tools & Supplies > Tooling/Accessories > C Series Taps > Taps for C3 Stitching Pins > Order # C3BT-1  
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Order # C3BT-1, Bottoming Tap for C3 pins

Specifications  · Tap Tips


Shipping Weight

1.76 oz

Tap Style

Bottoming Tap



Units Per Package


Tap Tips
CASTMASTER™ Tapping: Power tapping with CASTMASTER™ taps will produce the best threads and increase the life of your taps. C1 and C2F taps use the Finishing and Bottoming version. C3 and C4 use Roughing, Finishing and Bottoming. C Series taps should always be used in sequence. Roughing (C3 and C4) is first, then Finishing, and the Bottoming tap is used for blind holes. The Bottoming taps will be at the bottom of the hole when they start to get tight.

Broken Tap Removal: Broken taps can be very difficult to remove. A tap extractor will work about 25% of the time. It is important to remove any loose pieces before attempting to use a tap extractor.

If you have drilled the hole all the way through the casting, it is often possible to drive the broken tap piece through the casting wall with a punch. Sometimes it is helpful to drill another hole on the crack next to the broken tap, and drive the broken piece out. You can then drill and tap again and install pins to fill the holes. The best solution is to not break taps.

Preventing Tap Breakage: Alignment to the drilled hole is essential. Here are a few suggestions to help you. Use a loose drill bit to check the drilled angle before tapping. Always use tapping fluid and learn to use a power tapper such as the Sioux 02550. Power tapping will produce better, more consistent holes, and fewer broken taps.

Some tooling that can help prevent broken taps are the piloted L series taps and the Accusize™ drill bits. The piloted taps have a patented pilot to help you stay aligned to the drilled hole. (The CASTMASTER™ taps have been designed with some self-aligning features.) The Accusize™ drill bits help you to drill a better hole. The holes you drill with Accusize™ drill bits will be straighter and easier to drill.


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