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Casting repair products are eveloped and manufactured by LOCK-N-STITCH Inc.,the world leader in casting repair metal stitching technology. We use the latest state-of-the-art CNC machining and grinding equipment. We even manufacture our own special patented taps.
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Casting Repair Products > Crack Repair Tools & Supplies > Locks > L30 & L40 Locks > L40 Locks > Order # L40DB  
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Order # L40DB, L40 Locks

The L40 lock has an overall length of 3.770" and a maximum width of 0.820". It is used in castings with wall thicknesses ranging from 1" to 3". The hole pattern for this lock can be drilled with a hand-held drill. A drill bushing is provided to allow pilot drilling of all holes to make drilling of the 1/2" diameter holes easier. Because of the aggressive design of LNS locks these L40 locks hold up extremely well, even under the cyclic stresses generated by punch presses and shears.

Specifications  · About locks




Lock Length (L)

3.770 '

Lock Width (W)

0.820 '

Use Drill Sizes

1/4 '


Heat Treated 4130 Steel

About locks

About Locks

Locks are used to add strength across a crack. Special drill jigs are used to create the precision pattern that locks are driven into.

All of our locks have a unique ability to pull the sides of the crack together. This is not done to close the crack but rather to prevent any spreading pressure from being applied to the repair site.

Our locks are punched or wire EDM cut from aircraft quality 4130 steel plate. The locks are intended to be stacked or laminated to a depth of 80% of the thickness of the material being repaired.

Use locks whenever the utmost strength is required. Always use the largest locks possible. Locks can not be bent around corners or curves. They must be installed flat. Use CASTMASTER™ pins on curves and locks on flat surfaces. The use of locks and CASTMASTER™ pins will produce the strongest repair possible.

Surface locks are available for installation on uneven surfaces. They range in thickness from 0.160" (L10 surface locks) to 1" thick (L60 surface locks.) Surface locks are intended to serve as a final "cap" on top of a stack of bottom locks in the drilled hole pattern. Bottom locks are thin (0.190") for stacking into the casting and creating a laminated effect.

 Lock Kit for L40 Locks 

Lock Kits (L40K)
L40 Lock Kit