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Drill Guide & Tap Extension Kit & Components

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A drill guide and tap extension kit includes a 4-inch long drill guide and handle, six 6-inch long split point drill bits and a 4-inch long tap extension. (Taps are not included; for L series taps and for C Series taps.)

The drill guide will help you start and drill holes at angles to the surface such as down in the valve ports of cylinder heads. Not only will you save time, but you will drill better holes and break fewer drill bits.

Each tap extension is designed with the same diameter as its corresponding drill guide. This assures that wherever you drill a hole with the drill guide, you will be able to tap the hole at the exact same angle with fewer broken taps and better tapped holes.

The extension kits are available for the L series L4 and L6 pins and for the CASTMASTER™ series C1 and C2F pins. The L4XK will work for both L4 and C1 pins. The L6XK will work for both L6 and the new C2F pins.

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L4XK Drill Guide & Tap Extension Kit & Components
L6XK Drill Guide & Tap Extension Kit & Components
L4TX Tap Extension
L6TX Tap Extension
L4DG Drill Guides (with handles)
L6DG Drill Guides (with handles)
  Results 1 - 6 of 6 1