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Casting repair products are eveloped and manufactured by LOCK-N-STITCH Inc.,the world leader in casting repair metal stitching technology. We use the latest state-of-the-art CNC machining and grinding equipment. We even manufacture our own special patented taps.
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Casting Repair Products > Full-Torque Products > Solid & Pre-drilled Plugs > FPS Style Inserts > Taps for FPS Solid Plugs > View Items  
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Taps for FPS Solid Plugs

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Order #

Order Type

FT Tap Size

FT10BT-1 Bottoming Order FT10
FT10FT-1 Starting Order FT10
FT10RT-1 Roughing Order FT10
FT11BT-1 Bottoming Order FT11
FT11FT-1 Starting Order FT11
FT11RT-1 Roughing Order FT11
FT12BT-1 Bottoming Order FT12
FT12FT-1 Starting Order FT12
FT12RT-1 Roughing Order FT12
FT13BT-1 Bottoming Order FT13
FT13FT-1 Starting Order FT13
FT13RT-1 Roughing Order FT13
FT14BT-1 Bottoming Order FT14
FT14FT-1 Starting Order FT14
FT14RT-1 Roughing Order FT14
FT15BT-1 Bottoming Order FT15
FT15FT-1 Starting Order FT15
FT15RT-1 Roughing Order FT15
FT16BT-1 Bottoming Order FT16
FT16FT-1 Starting Order FT16
FT16RT-1 Roughing Order FT16
FT2FT-1 Starting Order FT2
FT3BT-1 Bottoming Order FT3
FT3FT-1 Starting Order FT3
FT4.5FT-1 Starting Order FT4.5
FT4BT-1 Bottoming Order FT4
FT4FT-1 Starting Order FT4
FT4RT-1 Roughing Order FT4
FT5BT-1 Bottoming Order FT5
FT5FT-1 Starting Order FT5
FT5RT-1 Roughing Order FT5
FT6BT-1 Bottoming Order FT6
FT6FT-1 Starting Order FT6
FT6RT-1 Roughing Order FT6
FT7BT-1 Bottoming Order FT7
FT7FT-1 Starting Order FT7
FT7RT-1 Roughing Order FT7
FT8BT-1 Bottoming Order FT8
FT8FT-1 Starting Order FT8
FT8RT-1 Roughing Order FT8
FT9BT-1 Bottoming Order FT9
FT9FT-1 Starting Order FT9
FT9RT-1 Roughing Order FT9
  Results 1 - 47 of 47 1